It’s been a busy week…

Over the last week I decided to start selling my creations at the local outdoor flea market! I have been busy deciding what I wanted to work on to sell at the market. I did come up with a few items I can make fairly quickly to get my inventory up. One of the items is a baby blanket, featured above. This one I made for my wife. She called me from work on Monday to ask me to make her a baby blanket for a baby shower she was going to. I asked when the shower was and of course it’s this Friday! So I got out my yarn and this new pattern I found to crochet her a shower gift! I’d say it turned out really well! I am going to make more for the market!

I also am making headbands for women, children and babies in different colors and types of yarn. The pattern I am using allows me to crochet a headband in about 30 minutes. Besides the two items I mentioned I will also have all the items from my Etsy Store there as well. I am looking at the begining of April to start selling at the market if I can get enough items made. I will probably do one to two Saturdays a month to start.

Once the date gets closer I’ll post where the market is and my booth number so anyone who is local to San Antonio, Texas can come by!


3 thoughts on “It’s been a busy week…

  1. Where did you find the pattern for this?


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