New Items in my Etsy Shop

I have added two more items to my Etsy Shop! The first is a new category of baby headbands with a large flower. This one is done in a pale peach color with a white acrylic button to hold the flower in place. I also attached the headband to an elastic hair band which helps to allow the headband to fit the baby’s head better. Thanks to Lanas de Ana for the free pattern on their blog and to Letters to Dutch for pointing me to the pattern!

The second item is another baby blanket done in the pattern (link to printable patternCall the Midwife Baby Blanket. This one is done in pale yellow and a turquoise blue. I had about 75% of this blanket finished three months ago and ran out of yellow yarn! UGH! Well I kept forgetting to reorder the yellow until about a week ago and last night sat down while listening to the fireworks & firecracker going off for the Fourth of July celebrations and made myself finish it! 🙂

I need to do some knitting! I haven’t posted anything about knitting in a long time! Maybe my next post will be!

Well I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of Julhere in the USA!


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