Getting and Staying Organized

Today I thought I would share a few tips on keeping yourself organized if you are a crafter like me!

  1. Organize your projects by due date and get them completed on time.
    • I found it was much easier to track all my WIP (work in progress) orders, gifts, anything I am making. I know I will get way off track if I do not keep my projects organized. Besides, it’s good business practice!
    • I discovered I am just like a lot of crafters out there. If you are like I am and must work on multiple projects at the same time to prevent BOREDOM working with the same stitch pattern over and over and over and….you get the idea! You definitely need something to keep you organized.
    • That’s why I went looking for an app to help me and found the perfect FREE app in the app store. The app is called Project Manager by Seawoods Ventures. This app allows you to list your project, select a due date and enter to-do’s for that project. There are no limitations that I have found in the app and NO ADS! This may also be in the app store for iPhone, but I’m not sure. The link to the app in the Google Play Store is:
  2. Keep good records of sales and expenses if you are a seller.
    • I have an Etsy shop and Etsy is great at providing detailed invoices of monthly sales, fees, shipping charges,etc. But what do you do with that information each month? You need some type of bookkeeping software and if you are a very small business like I am, you can’t afford to purchase software up front. In case you don’t know me, I never pay for software or apps as there is always a free one that will work for you! And in the case of bookkeeping, I have a free one!
    • I use GNUCash for all my record keeping. This software is a full working version of a double entry bookkeeping system and is licensed under GNU General Public License which means it is legally free software. I do believe it comes in a number of different platforms so you can download it for you operating system. If you are not familiar with double entry bookkeeping or bookkeeping in general, the software comes with a detailed help file, online forums and my favorite, just GOOGLE what you want to know! There is a ton of accounting help websites out there. The link to this fantastic program is:
  3. Keep all crafting supplies in one place and have only what you are currently working on with you.
    • I learned early on that the more yarn skeins, balls, needles, hooks, stitch markers, etc. you have out will only cause a huge mess and your spouse will not like it! (In my case it is my wife!) Keep all the little things like stitch markers in a small container when not in use. Even an old pill bottle works great and it’s free! Once you have all the little things organized, keep them in drawer or container near your yarn stash and take out only the items you will be working with and put them back when not in use. I also use a small pouch attached to my yarn caddy that I keep my scissors, a few stitch markers, pencil and a yarn needle in.
    • Keeping all your supplies organized will help keep you organized and your projects on track. I also use a three-ring binder to keep my most used patterns in. This way I don’t have to reprint a pattern later on.
    • Your yarn stash also must be kept organized especially if you use multiple types of yarn. I just bought one of those wide three drawer caddie on wheels from Wal-Mart for under $10.00 and I stack them on top of each other. I keep the same weight/type of yarn in each drawer. For example I will put all my baby yarn with a weight of #3 in one drawer, worsted weight #4 in another drawer, etc. This way it is easier to find the exact yarn you need. This also helps when you are running low on a particular color, brand or type of yarn so you know when you need to get more.

Well, I think that’s all for today! I’ll add more to this list as I go to help anyone who wants to get organized!

Happy “Hooking”,




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