Working on a New Sweater Set

I started this pale pink and white baby sweater yesterday evening and just have to finish the left sleeve and add some buttons! We had some friends over for dinner and instead of

playings cards as we always do, we decided to just sit and watch a movie. I was happier about this more than they knew! Because we were sitting in the living room, (that just happens to be where my “office chair” is!) I was able to work on projects while we talked and watched the movie! My wife usually won’t let me work on anything while we have company because she thinks it’s rude. I don’t think it is if I can still participate in the conversations while I crochet or knit! 🙂

Well, I did manage to complete everything on the sweater except the sleeve and buttons and did it while adding to the conversation! My friend and his wife couldn’t believe I was able to make it that fast. I told them it’s not hard to learn of they want to!

I must get back to “work” and finish this sweater so I can start the booties, hat and maybe something else to go with the set.


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