Baby’s First Blankie

I have been really busy lately! I’ve been trying to finish an afghan, for our friends, to put on their king size bed! I’m about halfway finished and have been for a couple of weeks now. I have also been working on my first crochet pattern titled, Baby’s First Blankie (pictured above).

I think I have frogged portions of the blanket at least eight times due to a missed stitch in a previous row that throws everything off! It’s really an easy pattern, if I could just pay attention to what I’m doing.

The pattern consists of five colored sections, nine sections in white and then five more colored sections done in reverse. Between each section I crochet in the front/back loops to create a textured ridge. I also have a special border for this blanket that I’ll tell you about when I am finished, which should be any day now.

I also have the written pattern almost completed. I still need to double check all directions and then have someone proofread it, which will probably be my mother since my wife thinks written patterns are some alien language!

I’ll post all the details of this new baby blanket in a few days and until then, I must get back to crocheting something!


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