Baby’s First Blankie – Update

I have finished the project and new pattern for Baby’s First Blankie

In my previous post I wrote about how I was having a little difficulty with this baby blanket, well I managed to stop making the easy, dumb mistakes and got it done! I seem to have that problem when I am working with an easy stitch pattern and is very repetitious. I make more mistakes because my mind tends to wander a little working with these types of patterns. I just really like a challenge!

I am really thrilled with how my pattern turned out! I still can’t believe I wrote a pattern and published it on Etsy! Oh, yeah, the pattern and blanket are listed in my Etsy Shop and available for purchase. I also have is listed on, but if you wish to purchase it you will be taken to my Etsy page.

Well, it’s been a very busy, yet productive day today! Now I must go and do some work on that king size afghan I’ve been putting off!

Until next time, learn a new stitch or two!


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