Still Working On. . .

Well, I hoped to have that king size afghan finished by my next posting. It’s still not done and I haven’t even had time to pick it up and work on it. 😦 That isn’t really a bad thing since I’ve been working on a couple custom orders! 🙂

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The big reason I have not worked on it is my wife thought she needed some time off and went and had emergency surgery last week. It was serious at the time, she had severe abdominal pain and scans revealed an intestinal blockage and possible cancer. Well after a lot of prayer the surgeon (whom my wife calls McDreamy after the TV show Grey’s Anatomy) came and told me there was no sign of any cancer and the blockage was just a twist in her small intestine! I know with today’s medical technology there is no way that a scan will show so many concerning things that just aren’t there. Of course the doctors say the scan just picked up some ‘shadows‘, but I know and believe that God does hear us when we call out to Him! My wife came home yesterday and is still very sore, but getting better!

In between trips to the hospital to visit my wife I managed to get the second custom order finished, a chevron throw. The chevron throw pictured above (sorry about the lighting – it’s been raining everyday here in Texas), and the spiral blanket I posted about last time are projects for the same customer. I also sold another Christening Gown!

I have decided to keep my schedule clear for the next week so I can finish that afghan. Even though it’s a gift I can’t keep putting it off. My friends told me finish it when I have time, and they think they are going to pay me for it! They have been a blessing to my wife and I and this gift is just to say thank you. (I hope they don’t read my blog 🙂 )

Until next time, I’ll keep hooking and you keep reading!



5 thoughts on “Still Working On. . .

  1. Prayer really does work! Thank goodness your wife is on the mend. I hope she feels better soon 🙂

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  2. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery for your wife. I love the colour scheme of your chevron blanket too. 😊


  3. Glad your wife is home and on the road to a speedy recover.

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