I See a Trend Starting. . .

Well, once again it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted anything on my blog. I have been busy trying to replenish my Etsy Shop items and get things done around the house. I finished the below blue baby sweater set last Saturday afternoon and listed it on Etsy. I had planned to write an update in my blog Sunday afternoon,

but was delightedly surprised by my Etsy App in my phone with “cha-ching!” Yeah, that sweater set sold before I got up Sunday morning! So I packaged it up for shipping and immediately started another set, this one in yellow.

When I started my Etsy shop, I was afraid to try and make baby items. I just thought I wouldn’t be very good at it and now I have found I really enjoy making these items! I guess I’ve found my niche and I think I continue with it! Oh, and I also hated working in the round (for those who don’t crochet, in the round is making an item that is done in a circle such as a hat, which can be difficult if you don’t keep an accurate count of your stitches!) and avoided items that were made this way. Well, as you can see I have gotten over my fear and now I don’t mind making hats & booties, which are done in the round!

Until next time, find something you dislike and work on it until you find it’s not as bad as you thought!


BTW, I’m still working on that afghan!


4 thoughts on “I See a Trend Starting. . .

  1. Those are gorgeous sets! My issue in crocheting hats is that they are always too big 🙂 I haven’t seemed to have that problem in knitting them. Kudos on sticking with it.

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