Toddler Dress, Sweater Vest and Crocheted Socks!

I have been feeling a little run down lately due to a flare up of my RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), and just haven’t felt much like writing to this blog. I have spent the last couple of weeks making a few new items, one of which is the Toddler Girl’s Vintage Style Dress! I found this pattern on Ravelry  by Dorianna Rivelli, and thought I’d give it a try. I really like how it turned out and I added the large flower to the front of the dress, just because it needed a little something extra!

The next project I did was a Boy’s Toddler Sweater Vest done in worsted weight yarn beige and white. The pattern can be found on Ravelry  and is also by Dorianna Rivelli. What really caught my eye with this particular pattern was the stitch effect that gave it a nice “sweater” look even though it was crocheted. Most crocheted sweaters look like, well, like they have been crocheted with the large stitches and gaps between stitches! It’s OK for kids items, but realistically, most adults wouldn’t wear a crocheted sweater unless it was for a Christmas ugly sweater contest!

This is actually a really easy stitch pattern! The author calls it “Brickwork” and it does resemble that. The stitches are close together, but the item is ‘breathable’. This is achieved by making a double crochet (DC) and then a Front Post double crochet (FPDC) on the next stitch, repeating to the end of the round. The next round you will do a FPDC and then a DC. Yes, this is actually done in the round and then stitching the shoulders to the back. I loved this pattern and I think I will make my own sweater with sleeves pattern with this stitch work!

The last project I did was something I have been trying for a long time to make, SOCKS! I have always wanted to make a pair of socks (for my size 14 feet!) and that is the main reason I started knitting. Well, I hate knitting socks! Some people really enjoy knitting them, but I just don’t care to. I tried crocheting socks, but the only patterns I could find at the time were those giant ugly slipper socks! I wanted real socks! I finally found someone who specializes in crochet socks! Ron Strong of Ron Strong Designs (Ravelry Page), is a genious! I purchased his Rohn Strong’s Crochet Sock Club – 2016, which is a new crochet sock pattern every month for a total of six patterns! I am very happy now that I can make socks without knitting them!

The pictures above are a brown pair of slipper socks done in worsted weight yarn from the cuff down and I love wearing these! (Also a pattern by Ron Strong, Crabapple Slipper Socks). The next picture is a WIP for a pair of regular socks. This is being made with Loops & Threads WoolLike super fine sock yarn, in light gray. I am using a 3.25mm hook and this is the toe up pattern by Ron Strong, Love Me Tender Socks. This pattern uses the extended single crochet (EXSC) stitch which give the sock it’s look and stretchiness.

The only thing I found difficult for me, is trying to keep consistent tension with this very fine yarn. I actually figured out if I hold the yarn in my left hand just like I do when knitting, I get that even tension. Yes, I hold the yarn differently when I crochet from when I knit! Does anyone else? To knit I wrap the yarn around my left pinky finger once and then I weave it between the next three fingers and over my index finger. For crocheting I wrap the yarn around my left pinky finger once and then over my index finger without weaving it between the other fingers. It may sound crazy but it is the only way I get the proper tension for whichever craft I’m doing.

I still have to add more items to the Downloads and Tips section. Now that I feel more like myself I will try to get some things posted there for everyone!

Keep on Hookin!




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