Custom Ordering Presentation

I just discovered that Microsoft Sway works with WordPress!

I have updated my Custom Orders Page and included a presentation about custom ordering from my Etsy Shop. I was really impressed with how easy it was to make a presentation in Sway (after a small learning curve!). Once I figured out that this worked like the old presentation program from Microsoft, but with a lot more features and capabilities, I was able to just drag and drop photos into the cards and Sway did the rest!

To use a Sway presentation on your WordPress site, just copy the link to your Sway presentation (in the Sway program) and paste it wherever you would like it to be on your page. Publish the page and you will be able to see your presentation embedded in your post and all you did was paste a simple link. For once Microsoft has something that works right!

Since everything you create in Sway is stored online, your posted presentations are able to be viewed by anyone with an internet browser unless you mark it private.

Well, enough of that! I must get back to crocheting something! 🙂



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