I Finally Finished It

A while back (actually a few months ago!) I wrote about a king size afghan I was crocheting for some close friends of my wife and I. I have finally been able to put everything else aside and concentrate on this afghan only. Like I posted before, it’s not a difficult pattern, it is just that as the afghan began to grow it also was getting a lot warmer to work on.

I live near San Antonio Texas, so you know it gets hot here and doesn’t really start cooling down until about November. Even with central air, having this monster in my lap for any length of time was getting very uncomfortable. The weather finally turned cold (cold for Texans! 🙂 ) so I was able to cozy up with this very warm blanket and get it finished!


The bed it is displayed on is a queen size so the afghan hangs over the sides quite a bit. I used about 4,401 yards of Herrchner’s worsted weight yarn in Pale Orchid, Medium Grey & Dark Grey . The afghan weighs 4.5 lbs. & I used about nine 8 oz. balls. I based this on the free pattern by Caron at Yarnspiration.com, Arrowhead Striped Afghan, and adjusted for a larger size and left off the fringe. I don’t like fringe! I believe this project took me about six months to complete and is the longest any project has taken me to finish.

I wanted to display it on my king bed, but my boy Andie (Golden Retriever that thinks he is a human!) was on the bed and when he doesn’t want to move, there is nothing that will make him move.


Andie – a 90 lb. lap dog!

My wife and I are going to give the afghan to our friends on Saturday. Now I have time to try and knit a baby sweater. I’ll keep you updated on it as I go.

So long for now & keep on Hooking!



2 thoughts on “I Finally Finished It

  1. That is awesome! I love the colors too! I know how those can get hot too. I have crocheted 2 queen size afghans. I mostly worked on them in the cold Nebraska winters. They each took 2 winters. lol The one for myself has fringe along the sides not the top and bottom. Didn’t want the fringe tickling my nose all night long. The other was made for my daughter and son-in-law it has no fringe. I have also crocheted a twin size for my son. It only took one winter. Again it is beautiful and I am sure your friends will love it too.

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