Three Projects

Since my last posting a few days ago, I have picked up a bad cold with all the congestion and stuffiness. 😦 Although feeling very cruddy I did manage to finish two projects, well actually Christmas gifts for my mother-in-law and father-in-law. For my mother-in-law, she saw the crochet slipper socks I make for my wife and immediately stated that she had to have a pair! 20161220_192943 She wanted them to wear to bed to keep her feet and legs warm. They are warm! (Of course I have made myself a pair!)

The second project is a gift for my father-in-law, well actually for his dog Cooper. Cooper is a Dachshund and he loves to play with my Andie when they come to visit.

I have been working on developing my sweater knitting skills, so I found an easy pattern for a buttoned dog sweater.20161220_193032

I thought it turned out pretty well for my first sweater. Just because it doesn’t have any sleeves it’s still a sweater and I made it! I may have to start adding dog sweaters to my Etsy Shop.

The final project of the three is a knitted baby cardigan sweater WITH ACTUAL SLEEVES. I had started this before the dog sweater, but the dog sweater turned out to be a Christmas present so I had to get it done first.

So far I have completed the back, left front panel and started the right front panel.20161220_215939

Sorry about the pic, I was in a hurry to get a picture of what I had completed so far and you can’t really tell which is the back (on the left) and which is the left panel (on the right). This will be a newborn sweater if it turns out half as good as the dog sweater!

I probably will not have any more postings until after Christmas so I hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep hooking! (or knitting. 🙂 )



2 thoughts on “Three Projects

  1. Have a lovely Christmas. The dog sweater is adorable!


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