FO: Baby Sweater & Blanket Set

Well I have finished a baby blanket set with sweater, booties & headband. My wife requested this set for a baby shower gift. I like how everything turned out!

I had the pattern for the sweater, which I altered a bit, and I wanted to make the blanket with the same pattern. It took me a little bit to figure out the size I wanted and then took my gauge from the sweater to figure out how many chains to start with. I surprised myself that I got it right on the first try! Usually when creating a pattern it takes me at least a couple tries before I get it right.

All in all I really like the blanket, except for the border. I wanted to keep it similar to the sweater, but I should have only done one round in the white instead of two. It doesn’t look bad at all, it’s just the perfectionist in me!

Here are the pics I took of the set. Please excuse the lighting as I was having trouble today getting it right so I had to edit the photos to brighten them up.

In case you were wondering, this is the same set I have displayed on the email signup form for the drawing! The only item not included in the prize is the blanket. The sweater, booties and a hat or headband will be made to the winners color choices.

Let me know what you think of this set!



2 thoughts on “FO: Baby Sweater & Blanket Set

  1. I think the entire set is gorgeous and I love the thickness of the edging on the blanket. You do such beautiful work!

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