I Finally Finished It

A while back (actually a few months ago!) I wrote about a king size afghan I was crocheting for some close friends of my wife and I. I have finally been able to put everything else aside and concentrate on this afghan only. Like I posted before, it’s not a difficult pattern, it is just that as the afghan began to grow it also was getting a lot warmer to work on.

I live near San Antonio Texas, so you know it gets hot here and doesn’t really start cooling down until about November. Even with central air, having this monster in my lap for any length of time was getting very uncomfortable. The weather finally turned cold (cold for Texans! 🙂 ) so I was able to cozy up with this very warm blanket and get it finished!


The bed it is displayed on is a queen size so the afghan hangs over the sides quite a bit. I used about 4,401 yards of Herrchner’s worsted weight yarn in Pale Orchid, Medium Grey & Dark Grey . The afghan weighs 4.5 lbs. & I used about nine 8 oz. balls. I based this on the free pattern by Caron at Yarnspiration.com, Arrowhead Striped Afghan, and adjusted for a larger size and left off the fringe. I don’t like fringe! I believe this project took me about six months to complete and is the longest any project has taken me to finish.

I wanted to display it on my king bed, but my boy Andie (Golden Retriever that thinks he is a human!) was on the bed and when he doesn’t want to move, there is nothing that will make him move.


Andie – a 90 lb. lap dog!

My wife and I are going to give the afghan to our friends on Saturday. Now I have time to try and knit a baby sweater. I’ll keep you updated on it as I go.

So long for now & keep on Hooking!


I Love Filet Crochet!

I have always been interested in filet crochet, but only dabbled in it occasionally. I have now found a new love for this in making baby blankets. Filet crochet, for those who are not familiar with it, is crocheting an image or pattern with blocks and spaces. Typically a block is two stitches of double crochets and a space is one double crochet and a chain one which makes the squarespace. For example, the bunny’s eye in just one space and the tip of the right ear is one block with a space to the right.

There is a small learning curve to this, Continue reading

Still Working On. . .

Well, I hoped to have that king size afghan finished by my next posting. It’s still not done and I haven’t even had time to pick it up and work on it. 😦 That isn’t really a bad thing since I’ve been working on a couple custom orders! 🙂

Crochet Colorwork Techniques on Craftsy  advertisement )

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Finished the Midwife Baby Blanket


I have actually finished two of these blankets! The pink one pictured above and a pastel blue/green one. I really enjoy making these because the pattern is not difficult, yet each row is different in the repeat so you don’t get bored or go out of your mind with repetition!

This blanket is available on Etsy!

I have been asked where I found the pattern and I posted the link on another post, and I will also post it here.

Pattern download on Ravelry.com: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/the-midwife-blanket

Link to more information from the author of the pattern and it’s history: http://littlemonkeyscrochet.com/call-the-midwife-inspired-baby-blanket-free-pattern/

Valentine’s Heart Wrap

A Valentine’s heart wrap to keep you warm with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day!

This is made with acrylic soft yarn and is 55″ x 36″ (140 cm x 91 cm). The stitch pattern allows the hearts to look as if they are raised up. I made this without doubling up the yarn to make it feel lighter if you use it as a wrap. This can also be used as a throw on your favorite chair or sofa!

This is ready to ship today!