Finished Item and New Cast On

I recently found a new knitting pattern for pullover sweaters that I have fallen in love with! This pattern was very well written and easy to follow. I haven’t been knitting sweaters for a very long and this is the easiest and best looking one I have made so far.

The pattern is by Tin Can Knits and this is one of their free patterns! The pattern is from their collection titled; “The Simple Collection” and the pattern is simply titled; “FLAX“. If you are a knitter you should check out Tin Can Knits as their patterns are very well written and documented.

The above pictured baby sweater is the first one I made with this pattern and I believe it took me about two days from start to finish. The second picture shows the simple texture pattern on top of each sleeve and on part of the hat.

This pattern is also a very “vanilla” pattern which allows you to be creative without too much in changing the actual pattern. You can follow the written pattern and with just a change in the stitch pattern you will end up with a totally different looking sweater.


This is the same sweater pattern and all I did was add the cable panel in the center of front side and I also added a cable stripe running down each sleeve in place of the purl rows. You’ll have to take my word for it! I’m hoping to get the sleeves completed tomorrow so I can wash & block it for better pictures.

My step-son’s girlfriend loves elephants and she found an elephant sofa pillow on the internet and asked if I could make it for her. Well of course I said yes! I never pass on a challenge to make something new! I’ll share more on that item later in the week.

I must get back to knitting….knitting….& crocheting!

Have you done some hooking today?


Epic Fail

Yesterday I posted about the first knit baby sweater I had done, but that wasn’t exactly true! I edited my post because I forgot to add the words “top down sweater“, which is true. This sweater pictured here is one I started a month or so ago and set it aside. It is a baby cardigan knit in five pieces; left & right front, back and 2 sleeves. I had all the pieces completed except one sleeve. Today I decided to start stitching it together to see how it was looking. (Sorry the pics aren’t the best. I didn’t feel like setting everything up just to take pics of my Epic Failure! 🙂 )

I don’t know what I was thinking about while I was stitching the left panel to the back. You probably already noticed I seamed the entire side and forgot to add in the sleeve!! img_0321

I will admit I do make mistakes now and then, and this one is probably the biggest one I have made yet! Oh well, now I get to go back and frog the seam.

What have I learned from this Epic Fail? Always attach the sleeve BEFORE finishing the side seam!

What has been your Epic Fail?


Knit Baby Sweater Project

As promised I have taken a couple of pics of the baby sweater I started a few days ago. This is the first knit top down sweater I have done and so far it’s coming along nicely! I still have to finish the bottom of the sweater, sew the sleeve seams together and add buttons.

I am using a worsted weight yarn by Herrschner’s in the color Lilac. The free pattern I am using is by Red Heart; Star Bright Baby Cardigan and Hat. I am also using my new favorite Takumi bamboo circulars! The size of this sweater is for a newborn. I hope to have it and the hat completed this week some time and I’ll take a few more pics to show it off!

Until then, keep some yarn on your hooks & needles!


Three Projects

Since my last posting a few days ago, I have picked up a bad cold with all the congestion and stuffiness. 😦 Although feeling very cruddy I did manage to finish two projects, well actually Christmas gifts for my mother-in-law and father-in-law. For my mother-in-law, she saw the crochet slipper socks I make for my wife and immediately stated that she had to have a pair! 20161220_192943 She wanted them to wear to bed to keep her feet and legs warm. They are warm! (Of course I have made myself a pair!)

The second project is a gift for my father-in-law, well actually for his dog Cooper. Cooper is a Dachshund and he loves to play with my Andie when they come to visit.

I have been working on developing my sweater knitting skills, so I found an easy pattern for a buttoned dog sweater.20161220_193032

I thought it turned out pretty well for my first sweater. Just because it doesn’t have any sleeves it’s still a sweater and I made it! I may have to start adding dog sweaters to my Etsy Shop.

The final project of the three is a knitted baby cardigan sweater WITH ACTUAL SLEEVES. I had started this before the dog sweater, but the dog sweater turned out to be a Christmas present so I had to get it done first.

So far I have completed the back, left front panel and started the right front panel.20161220_215939

Sorry about the pic, I was in a hurry to get a picture of what I had completed so far and you can’t really tell which is the back (on the left) and which is the left panel (on the right). This will be a newborn sweater if it turns out half as good as the dog sweater!

I probably will not have any more postings until after Christmas so I hope you have a Merry Christmas and keep hooking! (or knitting. 🙂 )


I Love Filet Crochet!

I have always been interested in filet crochet, but only dabbled in it occasionally. I have now found a new love for this in making baby blankets. Filet crochet, for those who are not familiar with it, is crocheting an image or pattern with blocks and spaces. Typically a block is two stitches of double crochets and a space is one double crochet and a chain one which makes the squarespace. For example, the bunny’s eye in just one space and the tip of the right ear is one block with a space to the right.

There is a small learning curve to this, Continue reading

Update for the Past Week…

Well, It’s only been a week this time since my last posting! I managed to start and finish two baby sweater sets, finish the above pictured KNIT (Yes, finally something knitted!) scarf and started a new baby blanket. Wow! That even seems like a lot for even me to get done!  Continue reading

I See a Trend Starting. . .

Well, once again it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted anything on my blog. I have been busy trying to replenish my Etsy Shop items and get things done around the house. I finished the below blue baby sweater set last Saturday afternoon and listed it on Etsy. I had planned to write an update in my blog Sunday afternoon, Continue reading