Hat Sizing Chart

This first item is a Hat Sizing Chart for making crochet hats. I put this together from bits of gathered information on the internet out of pure frustration when it came to making a crocheted hat! Every time I  came across a hat pattern I wanted to try, the instructions were either complicated, didn’t make sense, or simply did not make the hat I wanted. This is unfortunately a common problem with free patterns. Everyone loves FREE stuff and we have come to expect that FREE doesn’t mean quality! Besides, everyone has their own way of making a hat.

So where does that leave someone who is new to crochet or wants to learn something new? Well they start looking for instructions and videos on crocheted hats and if like me, soon became frustrated with so many different ways and techniques to do one thing. That’s when I decided to take all the little bits of information on crocheted hats, that I knew worked for me, and make my own chart so all my hats would be the correct size. This is my completed chart! (Click to download the PDFhat-size-chart ).

Please read through both pages of the chart and instructions before starting. I have tried to be as detailed as possible and hopefully the instructions are easy to understand. Once you make a hat from the chart you will see how easy making a hat can be! Please contact me if you have any questions about the chart.

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